Tijuana vs Toluca: Highlights and Expert Analysis

Tijuana vs Toluca: Key Moments, Highlights and Expert Analysis

On September 16, 2023, in Tijuana, Mexico, at the Estadio Caliente, Tijuana vs Toluca played to a 2-2 draw.

Toluca had a strong start to the game and Carlos Orrantia gave them the lead in the 15th minute. Orrantia received possession of the ball in the middle of the field, moved forward, and then sent a powerful shot from outside the box past Jonathan Orozco, the goalie for Tijuana.

Alexis Canelo of Tijuana equalized the score in the 35th minute. As he turned his defender after receiving the ball on the edge of the box, Canelo fired a low shot into the bottom corner.

Maximiliano Araujo gave Toluca the advantage once more in the 55th minute. Araujo headed in from close range after receiving a cross from Fernando Navarro.

By way of Lucas Rodriguez, Tijuana once more matched the score in the 65th minute. To make it 2-2, Rodrguez headed in a corner kick.

Tijuana vs Toluca Key moments

  • Toluca scored in the 15th minute, giving them a big boost of confidence and setting the tone for the game.
  • The equalizer scored by Tijuana in the 35th minute gave them a boost and allowed them to reenter the game.
  • The second goal by Toluca came in the 55th minute, and it was a well-executed goal that displayed their talent.
  • The 65th-minute goal by Tijuana to tie the score: Tijuana’s second equalizer was a well-deserved goal and demonstrated their tenacity.

Players’ performance

  • Carlos Orrantia (Toluca): Playing in the middle of the park for Toluca, Orrantia had a fantastic game. He not only assisted in Toluca’s second goal but also scored one himself.
  • Toluca’s Maximiliano Araujo scored a goal and posed a threat in the air. He presented a continuing threat to the Tijuana defense.
  • Tijuana’s Alexis Canelo scored a goal and caused trouble for the Toluca defense. He was the most original player for Tijuana.
  • Tijuana’s Lucas Rodriguez, who also scored a goal, was a reliable defender. He was the most significant player for Tijuana.

Both teams had opportunities to win in the closely contested game. Tijuana tied the score before halftime despite Toluca having the better first-half performance.

In the second half, Toluca took back the lead, but Tijuana tied the score once more to make it 2-2. Late in the game, both sides had opportunities to win, but no one was able to capitalize.

Overall Assessment: Tijuana vs Toluca

The match between Tijuana and Toluca was a closely contested affair with both teams having chances to win.

Strengths of Tijuana

  • Attacking threat: Alexis Canelo, Lucas Rodriguez, and Federico Lertora are just a few of the deadly attackers in Tijuana.
  • Set-pieces: Set-pieces pose a threat to Tijuana. In the game versus Toluca, they scored both of their goals from set pieces.
  • Resilience: Tijuana had outstanding resiliency to rally from a two-goal deficit to draw the game.

Weaknesses of Tijuana

  • Defense: Tijuana’s defense isn’t as strong as their offense. They gave up two goals to Toluca, and they’ve given up a lot of goals in prior games this year.
  • This season, Tijuana has struggled with consistency. They have lost to several weaker clubs, but they have also won some significant games.

Strengths of Toluca

  • Toluca has a potent midfield, with Carlos Orrantia and Maximiliano Araujo serving as its leaders.
  • Set-pieces: Set-pieces are a threat to Toluca as well. They used set pieces to score both of their goals against Tijuana.
  • Toluca is an excellent pressing squad. For the majority of the game, they were able to put Tijuana under siege.

Weaknesses of Toluca

  • Toluca’s attack is not as potent as their midfield, which poses a threat. In addition to struggling to score goals in prior games this season, they struggled to create chances against Tijuana.
  • This season, Toluca has likewise struggled with consistency. They have lost to several weaker clubs, but they have also won some significant games.

The attacking threat, set-pieces, and resiliency of Tijuana are their assets. Their defensive tenacity and consistency are their limitations.

Toluca’s midfield, set pieces, and pressing are their strong points. Their attack danger and consistency are their vulnerabilities.

If either team wants to contend for the championship this year, they both need to increase their consistency.

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